Andrew and Mark in hi-vis yellow jumpers with bottles and cans and the red wheelie bins with South Coast Recycling logo in white for the new bottle and can collection service.Join our exciting new bottle and can collection service for parts of the South Coast.

South Coast Recycling & Scrap Metal Co is pleased to announce that, following a successful survey earlier this year, a monthly collection service for deposit bottles and cans is being rolled out in the following areas:

You can click on the above links to see the maps of the areas to be covered by the  service, or CLICK HERE to see all of the area maps.

If you’re not covered by one of the areas listed above DO NOT sign up.

How does the service work?

In simple terms, you’ll sign up to LEASE one of our specially branded red bottle and can wheelie bins ($25 one-off lease cost) and then get the opportunity to have your bin collection monthly (or less frequently) according to our roster.  To be eligible for payment (at 6c per item) you’ll need to ensure you have at least 200 eligible deposit bottles and cans in the bin.

Eligible deposit bottles and cans are those plastic, glass and aluminium items that bear the 10c deposit in SA icon.

The funds will deposited into your nominated bank account – either your own account or that of another person or charity of your choice.

Note: You will need to book your collections online via our website.  Email reminders will be sent but it is your responsibility to ensure your bin collection is BOOKED prior to collection day.  This is NOT an automatic service.

How do I register?

CLICK HERE to sign up for a lease.

During the sign up you will need to provide the following:

  • Enter your credit card for payment
  • Provide your banking details for where you would like the money to be deposited.  You will need to supply the name of the bank, branch, BSB and account number
  • Address for the delivery and collection of the bin
  • An email address where you will receive your regular reminders of upcoming collections

What are the terms and conditions?

To find out more about the Terms and Conditions of the new service you can CLICK HERE.

You can also read our Privacy Policy here.