Collection Service Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


“Provider” is South Coast Recycling & Scrap Metal Co.

“Client” is the person or business who signed up for the service and paid the original security deposit.

“Address” is the address provided by the Client at signup and where the bin is assigned to.

“Security Deposit” is the amount paid at the original signup for the service.

“Acceptable items” are items bearing the 10c deposit symbol.


  1. Security Deposit:
    1. A security deposit of $25 (including GST) is to be paid prior to the delivery of the first bottle and can bin.
    2. The security deposit will be returned via direct deposit to the client’s nominated bank account only after the bin the client has been issued with is returned without damage.
    3. The client is responsible for ensuring the safety and security of the bin provided, including any barcodes associated with the collection service.
    4. The security deposit will not be returned to the client if the bin issued to the client is damaged.
    5. The client is not responsible for damage to the bin during transport to and from the client’s address, nor during counting of items by the provider’s staff.
    6. The security deposit and assigned bin remains the responsibility of the client who contracted for the original service.
    7. The bin must remain at the assigned property unless otherwise approved in writing by the provider.
  2. Minimum Items:
    1. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure the bin contains a minimum of 200 acceptable items.
    2. If the bin does not contain a minimum of 200 acceptable items the provider reserves the right to charge the client for the collection. This charge will be debited from the amount due to the client from that collection.
    3. Acceptable items such as cans and plastic bottles may need to be squashed to ensure all items fit within the bin.
  3. Payment:
    1. The client will be paid 6c per acceptable item collected.
    2. The payment in 3(a) is to be made into the bank account nominated by the client at the time of signup.
    3. Payments will be made within 14 days of the collection, but more often within the same week of the collection.
    4. The provider is not responsible if incorrect bank deposit details are provided by the client.
    5. The provider is not responsible for any delays or security issues for the payment transfer once the transfer has been undertaken by the provider.

 4. Collections:

    1. Collections will be conducted monthly according to the schedule provided on the South Coast Recycling & Scrap Metal Co website.
    2. The provider undertakes to advise the client via email should a collection not be possible as scheduled.
    3. The client is responsible for ensuring the contents of the bin are secure prior to collection. The provider will not be responsible for discrepancies with bin counts as a result of theft or tampering.
    4. Only bins provided by the Provider will be collected during scheduled collections.
    5. Bins will NOT be collected unless the service has been booked online via the South Coast Recycling & Scrap Metal Co website and associated third party platform at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled collection.
    6. Bins booked for collection must be placed in a safe location on the kerb (in the usual place for regular bin collections) with the bin opening facing the roadway.
    7. The provider will NOT collect additional items placed beside the bin. If additional bins are required a new security deposit must be provided for each bin.
    8. The provider reserves the right to change the collection schedule after giving notice to the client of the change.
  1. Bins:
    1. The Provider will deliver to the Address of the Client a colour-coded and branded 240 litre mobile wheelie bin for the first collection.
    2. At each collection the bin will be collected and replaced immediately with an empty bin.
    3. Bins will be coded to assist with tracking of items.
  2. Bin Contents:
    1. Only items bearing the 10c deposit symbol should be placed into the bins.
    2. The Provider will only pay for items in the bin bearing the 10c deposit symbol.
    3. The Provider reserves the right NOT to pay the deposit for items collected if the contents of the bin are contaminated with items other than acceptable items.
    4. All lids should be removed from Acceptable Items before placing into the bin.
    5. For the safety of the provider’s staff, glass items should not be broken. Penalties may apply for broken glass items.
  3. Service Cancellation:
    1. The service can be cancelled by the Client at any time in writing, giving a minimum of 14 days’ notice.
    2. After advice of cancellation the Client will arrange for collection of the bin and a return of the security deposit if the bin is not damaged. A fee may apply if the bin is collected outside the normal collection schedule.
    3. Bins can also be returned by the Client to the nearest South Coast Recycling & Scrap Metal Co depot during their regular operating hours.
    4. If a booked collection service is no longer required it is the responsibility of the Client to notify the Provider at least 24 hours before the collection service is scheduled. A charge may apply if this advice is not provided prior to the scheduled collection.
  4. Personal Details:
    1. The Provider will not share the Client’s personal details, including contact information or financial transaction details with another party except where required to do so under local, State, Federal or International Law.
    2. Business Clients will need to provide their ABN.
    3. The Provider will record all financial transactions in accordance with local, State, Federal or International Law.