Victor Harbor bottle and can collection service area

Victor Harbor Collection Area

The area indicated above is the VICTOR HARBOR collection area.  Essentially it is bounded by the following roads Fuller West Road, Gum Avenue, Canton Place, Kent Drive, Warland Avenue.  It DOES NOT include George Main Road.

You can CLICK HERE to download a PDF copy of the map.

South Coast Recycling & Scrap Metal Co staff will be collecting your leased bottle and can bin on the 1st Wednesday of each month provided you have booked your collection.

You can book your collection by clicking on the events in our Events Calendar.

Please note:

  • Your bin must have a minimum of 200 acceptable deposit bottles and cans.
  • Your booking must be made online prior to the designated collection day.
  • Only red South Coast Recycling & Scrap Metal Co bins will be collected.

It is your responsibility to ensure you make your collection booking in the correct zone collection or your bin may not be collected.

If you’d like to sign up for our deposit bottle & can collection service you will need to pay a $25 lease fee for one of our bins.  You will then be paid 6c per acceptable deposit bottle and can.  Funds will be deposited into your nominated bank account. 

You can use the buttons on this page to:

Sign up for a collection bin lease

Book your collection

You can also CLICK HERE to see all the available collection dates for your area.